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Tib-Virtualbox Converter Home VMware Converter Plugin for VMware® Workstation and Player. Send it to your friends. Or use it.Q: How to redirect to a specific route from within a controller function? I just want to redirect to a specific route within my controller function How do I redirect to a specific route from within a controller function? class BlogController {:error => “You are not admin to access this page”} return end end @blogs = Blog.all render :json => @blogs end def show @blog = Blog.find(params[:id]) render :json => @blog end def edit @blog = Blog.find(params[:id]) end end A: if redirect_to(:controller => ‘blog’, :action => ‘index’) should do it. A: You need to use redirect_to: redirect_to :controller => ‘blog’, :action => ‘index’ This will call your index action inside the blog controller, if you have one. of this context to add something else and return the whole composition. —— brainhat I had an experience like this last year. I was at a conference and met a very nice person (also from Microsoft). Everything was going great until I tried to resume the conversation where we left off. Our last meeting was full of talking about insignificant things while I brought a laptop, a charger, a headset, and a bottle of water. The point is, I didn’t plan to meet for coffee but googling myself there after I arrived I saw that my location from the day before was already in the coffee shop. This stranger didn’t seem to want to ask me if I was okay, if I was meeting anyone else there, or if I needed anything. The conversation was terrible. He was no longer talking

The Repository is hosted on GitHub. Support The Repository is hosted on GitHub. GitHub is a free, open-source software hosting service, developed entirely by and for the open-source community. It allows you to work with and share source code online. Here are some advantages you can enjoy: Create and edit code together online Access cloud-hosted repositories Share your published repositories on your website Stay organized with a complete code history Protected by the GitHub Label system GitHub Pages, the publishing engine for GitHub. You can use it to easily create a version of your repository that is optimized for viewing on webpages. Builds Every commit to the repository includes a build. Because builds are continuously integrated into the repository, it’s easy to know exactly when any given commit was integrated. GitHub Issues Issues are used for tracking bugs and feature requests. You can create new issues or respond to existing ones. The Repository The source code for the repository is stored in version control. Each repository contains the code as it was in the past, and allows you to keep your changes private or public. Git Copyright What is a Container. Today’s container technology enables the delivery of pre-configured, pre-packaged, and pre-built software or applications as standalone units. Containers are groups of related software or applications that are designed to work together. This is used in software design, in the delivery of applications, and in the delivery of operating systems (OS). An OS that supports containers is known as a container-native OS, and it leverages the flexibility of containers and OS technology. The distribution of a Docker image is the distribution of an OS image together with the container-native package managers and applications installed on that OS. Objectives We deliver world-class value for every dollar and allow you to focus on what you do best. We do this by providing distinctive, transparent, straightforward, and intimate purchasing experiences.A court has rejected former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura’s attempt to learn whether he is a convicted felon by taking a polygraph exam. Ventura has said for more than a year that he has been told by former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura (now Jesse Ventura Jr.) that he is a convicted felon but that state officials have repeatedly ignored his edd6d56e20