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Water Supply Engineering By S.k.garg Ebook.pdfl

& german urban planning pdf Water Supply Engineering By S.k.garg Ebook.pdflA staggering 150,000 addicts were living on the streets of China’s capital in 2013, according to the latest survey by a government-run helpline. Another 120,000 tried to get help on the streets, while 20,000 failed and were left to fend for themselves, state media reported. The report was released amid a spate of cross-country coverage of China’s drug problem following a schoolgirl’s overdose in the early hours of Friday morning, which has gone viral on social media. Some commentators have suggested the incident was exaggerated for propaganda purposes, but the headline number of 150,000 addicts coming to the government’s help is believed to be accurate. The January 2014 report said that most users were between 25 and 40 and lived in the parts of Beijing that have traditionally been the most developed. The age and gender breakdowns of those turned away at the doors of services were also grim, with more than 75 per cent being male and more than 80 per cent under the age of 40. The report showed that the number of addicts seeking help had increased by 15 per cent in just one year, while the number of people on the streets had soared by more than 20 per cent. Police said they believed the problem was understated as officials have not been required to record the number of drug users in their city, even if they come to the attention of police. The official said: “It’s less than half the real number. The reality is a lot of people are being helped. There is a lack of recording and recording of user number is not required.” Experts said the statistics were worrying, but many attributed the figures to the government’s fear that serious addiction can trigger radicalisation. Fu Chunshan, an addiction researcher from the Beijing Hui-Kang Institute of Medicine, said many experts believed that the true number of addicts was closer to 300,000. On Thursday, students at a prestigious university in Beijing went on strike following the news of a student’s drug overdose. They said they were upset by the government’s promotion of a new mass mobilization campaign dubbed “Fight the Demons of Narcotics”, which has been carried out in other cities to coincide with the Chinese New Year period of Spring Festival next

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