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Understanding the core program Photoshop is a huge program with a number of applications, such as * **The Photoshop workspace:** Enables you to work with images from digital cameras and other devices. * **The Photoshop tools:** Tools that enable you to work with different types of data. * **Exposure, layers, and masks:** Tools that enable you to use raster and vector image data. * **Curves:** An interactive tool for working with color, levels, and hues. * **Filters, effects, and special effects:** Tools to enhance the impact of the image, such as grayscale or sepia effects. * **The Photoshop plug-ins:** An

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Most images in this guide have been converted from Photoshop to Elements because Photoshop can do amazing things for images, and was used in the original creation of the image. While Elements isn’t bad in itself, Photoshop is the usual way to go if you’ve got the budget or time for it. If you want to earn money from your art, Design, or Photography, you can sell images made in Elements or use Adobe Stock to license them. Time to learn more about Adobe Photoshop Elements – Contents When you open Photoshop Elements, there are three toolbar options which can be accessed by clicking on the toolbar at the top right of your screen: A big bar on the left with lots of tools to work on images. A smaller bar on the right containing layers – these are separate image parts that can be combined to make more complex images. Another, narrower toolbar at the bottom containing the tools to control the appearance of your image, and a few more. This is all you get out of the box with Photoshop Elements if you’re new to it. The default controls can be changed by going to View → Toolbars, and clicking on the Edit tool. Most of the Photoshop tools are at the top, and Elements have added some with a simple image menu button – these will be covered later. The options that you’ve chosen are shown in the control bar along the top of your image. In most images, your original image has the file name at the bottom right. This will be the filename you use to export your image to print or save your image to a website. The other options along the top are: View → Vignette Remove: If you don’t want a dark vignette at the edge of your photo View → Grayscale: Turn all colours into grayscale View → Image → Size: Resize your photo to a certain size View → Text and Fonts: Set text and font options to be used on your image You can change these settings with the options on the image menu. Just double-click on your image to open the image menu. Of course, there are lots a681f4349e

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