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* **Basic Photoshop Tutorial:** ` * **Photoshop for Non-Photographers:** ` * **Basic Photoshop Tutorial 2:** ` * **Basic Photoshop Tutorial 3:** ` * **Basic Photoshop Tutorial 4:** ` * **Non-Photographers Guide to Adobe Photoshop:** ` * **Photoshop’s Beginner’s Guide:** ` * **The Adobe Photoshop Tutorial:** ` * **Photoshop: A Guide to the Basics:** `www.evolveonline.com/art/3_photoshop_learning/` * **Beginning Photoshop:** `www.adobe.com/cfusion/exchange/index.cfm?event=training&product=photoshop&mode=trainingcourse` * **Photoshop CS Tutorial (no longer available):** `www.club.photo.com/tutorials.htm` * **Photoshop CS Tutorial (no longer available):** `www.club.photo.com/tutorials.htm` * **Photoshop CS2 Essential Training:** ` * **Photoshop CS2 Essentials:** ` * **Photoshop CS3 Essential Training:** `

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If you have a little more experience than others on this list then Photoshop Elements is the absolute best place to start. Learn how to use the software to create quality images, craft eye-catching graphics and even design a website. This list was updated in May 2020. Best UI/UX: Adobe Photoshop Photoshop CC If you’re planning to be on top of your game in the upcoming year then you need to be on top of your tools. The best way to get those tools is to use the best software available. Luckily for us, Adobe Photoshop is one of the best graphic design tools out there. Why you should use Photoshop: Open up a file Use filters, effects and edits on your files Create stunning artwork Use layers and masks Create and edit animations Learn how to use Photoshop for business Photoshop CC 2019 is the current version. UI/UX: Adobe Photoshop Photoshop Elements The classic Photo editing is an important skill that many of us have lacked. If you don’t already know how to edit an image then this is the place for you. It doesn’t get much better than the Photo Editor in Photoshop Elements. It is the perfect place to start. Why you should use Photoshop: Add effects Create filters Edit Image editing Work with layers Edit web graphics Create graphics for Instagram Photoshop Elements 2019 is the current version. UI/UX: Adobe Photoshop AI Photoshop The one-stop destination AI is the super-smooth, super-powerful AI that helps you turn your images into amazing works of art. Here’s a quick breakdown of AI Photoshop: Layer AI Use AI to help you create amazing images Grow AI Use AI to help you create amazing images Reveal AI Use AI to help you create amazing images Objects AI Use AI to help you create amazing images Frame AI Use AI to help you create amazing images Crop AI Use AI to help you create amazing images Work with AI+ (assistant) Crop & edit, crop, transform, heal, resize, snap, shape, create layers, save a681f4349e

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The Gradient tool makes it easy to change the color of any area in an image. Typography refers to the art and study of typography. The Eraser tool is used to remove unwanted portions of an image without altering the surrounding pixels. There are two basic types of lines in Photoshop: vector and pixel lines. The Pencil tool allows you to draw vectors on top of an image. The Gradient tool makes it easy to change the color of any area in an image. The Pencil tool allows you to draw vectors on top of an image. Contents: Histogram The Histogram tab lets you modify exposure settings, such as exposure range and gain, and determine overall image exposure. You can also use the Histogram tab to fine-tune the brightness and contrast of an image. The Histogram, the information section at the top of the panel, is a numerical display that shows you the brightness and contrast (or tint and shade) of your image. In figure 3, you can see this information in the leftmost column. As you increase the amount of brightness in an image, the histogram displays a bright white spike, while a dark spike indicates a darker image. If you decrease the brightness, a dark spike results. Figure 3: The histogram in the Layers panel. On the right side of the histogram, you can use the histogram arrows to fine-tune brightness and contrast. These tools are called the Blur, Brightness, Contrast, Exposure, and Gamma controls (Figure 4). You can use them to correct various image problems, including brightness, contrast, and saturation. Each of the histogram arrows is described later in this article. The Histogram is a very useful tool in Photoshop, especially for correcting and improving your images. Figure 4: The histogram display. The histogram is divided into five sections: Brightness, Contrast, Exposure, Tint, and Shade. Brightness: This section identifies the brightness of your image. You can fine-tune the brightness by using the Blur control. A white area on the histogram indicates a bright image. Contrast: You can use the Brightness, Gamma, and Invert controls in the Contrast section to brighten, darken, or remove contrast from your image. Exposure: Use the Exposure control to fine-tune overall exposure in your image. You can

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