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You can use any compatible graphics editor that permits multiple layers, such as Paint Shop Pro, Corel Draw, or other such programs. Understanding Photoshop’s Layers Photoshop’s layers allow you to bring your graphic design to life by adding, deleting, and changing the layers until you have an image that exactly matches your vision. Layers help you keep your design organized and clean without getting tangled up in the nitty-gritty of rasterized, pixelated images. Check out Figure 5-1 to see the layers and how you access them. Illustration by Annette Kelly **Figure 5-1:** Layers allow you to group related raster layers in a hierarchical structure that makes editing your work easy and fast. In Photoshop, you add, modify, or delete layers by using Layer Masks. Layers are defined with either the Layers panel or Layer Menu, depending on whether you want to work with the standard Layer palette (refer to Figure 5-1) or the Layers palette (refer to Figure 5-2). Illustration by Annette Kelly **Figure 5-2:** Use the Layers palette to manage a group of related layers; the Layers panel works like a group of windows that let you work on separate elements of a photo. You can also hide and show any layer at any time for any size of image, and you can also apply a layer adjustment to any layer, giving you just the right amount of control for your image. (See the section, “Adjusting Layers,” for details.) Creating and deleting layers To create a layer, you should already have a layer window open and a selection active. To add a new layer, click the Add Layer icon (it looks like a plus sign) in the Layers palette. The order in which you arrange the layers in a Layers panel affects the way layers work. For example, a group of red, blue, and green layers appear to blend if they are placed lower in the panel than the middle layer. The latest layer in the Layers palette typically appears at the bottom. If you add a layer before you’re done creating your image, you can undo the layer when you’re done by double-clicking the layer’s thumbnail in the Layers palette. Or if you’re careful, you can delete a layer by selecting it and pressing Delete (the keystroke may vary;

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How to start using Photoshop Elements in 2020? You can start using Photoshop Elements 2020 from an expert instructor online. You can also download and install Photoshop Elements on your computer and on your mobile device, and start creating new images to fill in your social media accounts. If you are a beginner, you can join this Photoshop Classes course on Udemy and start learning. But Photoshop Elements is not just for small-scale image editing. It is a powerful image editing software that is used widely by professionals. You will learn how to work with Elements in this course. The tutorial will walk you through this software step-by-step and show you how to work with the different components of the interface. This tutorial will also explain some of the built-in or external software that you may use while editing images. After completing the Photoshop Elements for Beginners course, you will be able to start editing images and create new images from scratch in no time. You will also learn how to use the different tools and features of this software. If you are a Photoshop artist or a graphic designer, this Photoshop course is for you. A small-scale image editing software like Photoshop Elements will always remain a basic tool for any professional or an amateur artist. In this Photoshop Elements course for beginners, you will learn to work with Photoshop Elements in an easy and straightforward manner. You will learn the basics of this software and also how to open and start working with a project. You can start using Photoshop Elements and begin creating new images and edits for social media accounts or for personal use. You will also learn some of the most popular and commonly used features of Photoshop Elements. By the end of the course, you will be able to open and start using this software, edit an image and create a new file. You will learn how to open an image in Elements and edit it in real-time. If you are new to this software, you will also get an overview of the user interface and learn the shortcuts to work with the software. In this course, you will be able to start working with the Elements’ layer panels, the drawing area and the toolbox to edit any type of images. If you are new to this software, you will learn some of the basic commands, such as the Lasso tool or the Pen tool. You will be able to create new projects and create new layers as well. In this Photoshop Elements for Beginners course, you will learn to edit images, create 05a79cecff

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