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For a more in-depth look at Photoshop, check out the “Introduction to Photoshop,” later in this chapter. You’re probably wondering why I’m focusing so much on Photoshop (you’ve read the earlier section on image editing). Well, almost any image editing software, such as PhotoShop Elements, now has a feature called the Collage Builder, which makes it easy to create collages from multiple images. This feature is built into the most recent versions of Photoshop. So if you get a new version of Photoshop, look for the Collage Builder. Collage Builder lets you create two- and three-dimensional collages from multiple images and share them with the world. But I still want to explain why I think this software is so important to the image you want to create. You can get pretty much any image in your digital world. However, creating a great image can require a lot more than just putting a piece of the right image into a layer — and that’s where Photoshop comes in. Here’s what I mean: Suppose you have a photo of a mountain and you want to add a tree to it. You already have the mountain on a layer in your layered image file. If you simply layer the tree on top of the mountain layer and crop the tree, this method won’t give you any attention to the image you’re actually trying to create. The actual process of putting the tree on a layer (which is often done with the Photoshop layer tools) is kind of an abstraction process. The layer is just the mechanism to organize the tree in your image. To actually create a photograph, you need more than just a tree sitting on top of a mountain; you need to put it in a scene. Figure 11-1, with the tree on its own layer, is not a great example of how to do this. **Figure 11-1:** A tree doesn’t really make for much of a photo unless it’s a part of a scene. Creating a scene With a scene, you add some context to your photo. You add the correct proportions, scale, and focal distance (or perspective). You might add actors, people, and props. You might even add scenery. You paint the background, and you paint the foreground, to create a true photograph. In Figure 11-1, for example, you can see that I created a scene of my computer and projectors (a theater in my mind) to draw more attention

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Getting Started with Photoshop Elements Adobe Photoshop Elements comes in two versions. The Free version has limited editing functions that you can use to edit your photographs. You can even add text on certain pictures or make simple clip art and you can save them as JPG, PNG and GIF images. You can get creative with this version by creating photos with one of the many templates and share them with friends and family. It is the perfect tool for adding some effects to your photos and sharing them with others. The Standard version of Photoshop Elements contains a lot more functions, making it easier for you to edit your photos. You can also add text and even do some video editing. You can even make videos with music, draw animations, and many more features. All you need is your own computer and a way to connect to the Internet. You can download all of the software that you need from the website, including the Free version. You can also get some other goodies that are included in the license. Adobe Photoshop Elements brings your photos to life by giving them a professional look. It also helps you save them in the most suitable format. With all that the Elements version is capable of doing, your favorite photos are never far from reach. What’s Included in Photoshop Elements? Included in the Standard version of the software are some of the features you get in the Pro version, including: You can use Adjustment Layers to color-correct and edit the colors and textures of your photos. You can also get creative with the effects and add new details to your photos. This allows you to quickly add some effects that make your photos pop. You can use different filters and effects to add more color and contrast to your photos and make them look appealing. You can add text to your photos or even add some effects to your photos. You can add textures and even look through your photo for the best ones. You can resize your photos to see them at their best. You can make your photos or animations. You can change the background in your photos or you can even create a custom one. You can make your pictures look more professional by adding a border and changing the size and color. What Does the Free Version Do? The Free version of the software is the perfect place for you to start if you are just getting into photography. You can use the software to edit your pictures 05a79cecff

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Q: Differential Manifold I am trying to understand the definition of Differential manifolds (say k-forms on a topological k-space of differentiable functions). We say that a differential manifold is a triplet (M, d, Ω) where M = M^k is a differentiable n-dimensional manifold, d : M→ M^k is a differentiable function of class $C^r$ ($r\geq k$) and Ω : M^k → C is a differentiable function of class $C^r$. In this definition, I have two questions: Is it possible to choose a coordinate-free definition of differential manifolds? (how to avoid using charts and local coordinates?) What does it mean that $\Omega : M^k → C$? does it refer to a singular function? And what does it mean the class of $\Omega$? A: One way to avoid coordinates is to consider a principal bundle $P\to M$, whose sections are pairs $(p,v)$, where $p\in P$ and $v\in T_pP$, for any choice of point $p\in P$, and $\Omega$ is a map $\Omega:\Gamma(P)\to C$, where $\Gamma(P)$ is the space of sections of $P$. If $M$ is a vector space, then this is just like it sounds, but if $M$ isn’t, then this doesn’t have the right transformation laws. Another way to put this is that a chart for $(M,\Omega)$ can be taken to be a principal $C^\infty(M)$-bundle $P\to M$ and a map $\alpha:U\to C$, such that $\Omega$ is just the map $\alpha\circ \rho:P\to C$, where $\rho$ is the projection $\rho:P\to M$. This won’t be coordinate-free, but it’s conceptually cleaner to me. Q: Change variable type from int to float c# I have the following scenario: I have a class A and I’ve been created a list of objects of class B, but instead of class B it has a list of class A. Now I want to change the

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Minimum: OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit) Processor: 2.5 GHz (Dual Core, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7) Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics card with 1 GB RAM DirectX: Version 9.0c (9.1 is required to use TrueAudio) Hard Disk: 20 GB available space DirectX: Version 9.0c Internet Connection: Broadband or higher Additional Notes: Yes