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#pragma once #include “solution.h” #include “test/max_int.h” struct L{ static void s() { int i = 0; auto& val = i; i = 1; val = 2; val = 3; val = 4; val = 5; val = 6; val = 7; val = 8; val = 9; } }; int main() { ::init(); max_int __max; L::s(); std::cout Mapping (geography) In GIS, mapping is a process by which data is organized and displayed to represent the features of a location. The features are stored as a shapefile, a digital map that covers a specific area, and are captured in a Geographic Information System (GIS) data format. A GIS is a computer system that is used to store, display, organize, analyze, and manipulate spatial data. The data contained in a GIS can include, but is not limited to, maps, aerial images, text data, and location-based data. A GIS allows this data to be displayed and manipulated in a highly accurate manner. Techniques A GIS is not a camera nor is a mapping program. Mapping uses techniques to organize, manage, and interpret the data collected from a GIS. By manipulating a GIS, a user can create meaningful output by using a variety of techniques to map and display the information. These include: Creation of a base map or working map Additive or denoising Semantic compression and geographic coverage Graphical Display Saving a map to a raster file A GIS can also be used to store point, line, and

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