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Tutorials: A lot of tutorials are available, including free ones from Steve Jobs. PhotoShop Express Adobe has released its own image-editing program called PhotoShop Express, which is free to use and still a viable alternative if you have a limited budget. PhotoShop Express uses most of the standard features and tools that you can find in the paid version of Photoshop. But it also includes basic effects, tools, and an assortment of adjustments that you can use to improve the basic images you bring into the program. Why learn to use PhotoShop Express rather than use Photoshop? One reason is to get up to speed fast. Another reason is that PhotoShop Express is an excellent tool for learning all the basics of Photoshop and will get you in the game quickly. However, there are some features and adjustments that you can’t do easily or quickly with PhotoShop Express; you also can’t save any projects to the web. Also, the setup process and terminology are a little different from Photoshop. PhotoShop Express is easy to learn and use. With a little practice, you’ll be able to create remarkable images in no time. Many photo editing tutorials use PhotoShop Express. You also find a growing group of Photoshoppers who like to use PhotoShop Express exclusively to save time and money. It’s inexpensive, so it doesn’t make sense to spend money on Photoshop if you don’t have to. Basic image editing in PhotoShop Express The following sections provide a list of techniques you can use to edit your images in PhotoShop Express. These techniques are usually available under the Basic menu. Creating and saving images Photoshop Express can save your work as a JPEG or TIFF file. Saving as a JPEG PhotoShop Express can save as a JPEG, the most common format for sending and emailing photos. A JPEG file has a bright, low-resolution image. JPEG files can be easily sent and received by everyone. To create a JPEG file in PhotoShop Express, select File⇒Save. You have the option to save a copy of the current file, save as a new file, or select a new location. Keep the “Save as” window open and press F5 to preview the image. Saving as a TIFF file A TIFF image is a high-quality, low-resolution file that retains a color palette when the color image is saved. TIFF files can

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Is Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 Available for Free? Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 comes free to try. You’ll need a 30-day free trial to test drive it before you decide whether to pay for it. The full version of Elements is still available for purchase at the time of this writing. Current reviews for Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 The new features for Photoshop Elements 12 are listed below. Basic: Take new photos, improve existing photos, and share them online in a snap. Add effects to photos. Retouch and repair old or out-of-focus photos. Workshop Tools: Enhance your design work with an array of professional tools and design assets. Slideshow Creator: Create captivating slide shows with all your photos or videos, and share them instantly. GIMP: Launch a native GIMP Photoshop clone complete with a new user interface. Layer Masks: Embed artistic masks into a photo. Add a vintage look to images with new Lens Flare effects. Create layers and export layers as JPEGs or PDFs. What’s New in Adobe Photoshop Elements 12? Crop & Rotate Image: Rotate a photo right or left, up and down, or in custom angles. Resize a photo. Rotate a group of photos to make them look like a single image. Easily create a square, portrait, landscape, or any custom photo size. Use Clipping Masks. Brush Tools: Select, edit, and brush work with millions of realistic-looking brushes. Easily create custom presets for your brushes. Adjustment Layers: Layer Adjustment sliders let you fine-tune the color, tonality, exposure, color balance, and sharpness of a photo. Create your own adjustments and save them to use in other images. Adjustment Mask: An Adjustment Mask lets you keep the proportions of your photo and remove unwanted elements. Adjustment Brush: The Adjustment Brush lets you easily erase unwanted elements from a photo. You can also use it to subtly modify image highlights or shadows. Adjustment Brush Settings: Set the following settings for the Adjustment Brush: Eraser Edge Picker Opacity slider Soft Focus Straighten Tool Vertical and Horizontal Warp Tools Lens Corrections: Quickly fix your photos with Lens Corrections such as vignette effects, 05a79cecff

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Minimum: OS: Windows 7 SP1 CPU: Dual Core 2.0 GHz RAM: 3GB DirectX: Version 10 DirectX: Version 9 GPU: Video Card: 1024MB GPU: Dedicated: 1GB Video Memory: HDD: 1.5GB DVD: Region Free Region Free Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible Sound Card Screen Resolution: 1280 x 720 Display Port: Media Port