If you are the owner of a rental store, you most definitely know how much effort you need to invest in keeping your business in tip-top shape, what with so many tasks constantly demanding your attention. Fortunately, there are reliable companions when taking upon yourself such a responsibility, and they come in the form of software solutions, as is the case of VideoMate. Helps you manage your DVD or game rental shop Before anything else, it need be mentioned that the application sports a straightforward GUI, even though it does bundle an impressive feature set letting you tend to any aspects of your business. As mentioned, the software utility addresses users interested in managing a DVD and game rental store, helping them keep track of all rentals, exchanges, and sales so that their profit becomes a certitude. Can create comprehensive databases of movies and customers As for precisely how the program behaves, you need to know that creating databases that comprise all your customers is easy as pie, which also applies to coming up with comprehensive lists of movies. Needless to say, you are allowed to adjust the rate and membership options, taxes, and much more. To ensure a plus of interactivity inside your business, the application is capable of notifying you when there are issues with the credit card expiration date or when a customer’s birthday approaches. Both orders and pre-orders can be easily managed not only offline but also online, with the possibility of running promotions or agreeing to long-term loans, specifying the condition of quick returns, renewals, and more. Is able to generate reliable reports The application proves to be an all-encompassing utility since it offers to give you a hand in various aspects that might only appear tangential to the very task of renting items. It can thus keep a record of employee hours, holidays, coupons, contracts, and more. Another noteworthy capability is related to the fact that the program can generate minute reports analyzing your activity so that you are constantly aware of your store’s trajectory on the market. Periodic statistics, daily summaries, and many other analyses can be carried out to offer you an overview of your business. Powerful but intuitive application On an ending note, VideoMate is a powerful software utility that comes as a reliable management solution for users trying to administrate a DVD or game rental store. The application’s capabilities should ensure you can keep an eye on your business’ prosperity at all times, what with the wide array of features it bundles without making the program feel unapproachable.

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The program is very simple, easy to use and is very fast and reliable. The easy to use interface allows you to create, receive, save and send your bulk e-mails in a few easy steps. You can create e-mails based on any template you like and set them all to repeat. The program also allows you to make your e-mails unattended, and you can make them be sent on a periodic basis or at set times during the day and week. Also, you can specify the name of the e-mail recipient, its delivery address and the e-mail server that will be used to send the e-mails. What’s New in Version 3.0: ¿ Improved design and speed of the program. ¿ Some corrections and new features. ¿ A redesigned interface that was tested to be much faster, faster and easier to use. ¿ Completely redesigned File Manager. ¿ Support for MS Outlook 2007 (e-mail integrated with Microsoft Outlook 2007). ¿ Support for MS Outlook 2000, 2002 and 2003. ¿ Support for multi-email accounts in Microsoft Outlook 2007. ¿ Support for autoresponders in Microsoft Outlook 2007. ¿ Support for MS Outlook 2003 (e-mail integrated with Microsoft Outlook 2003). ¿ Support for multi-email accounts in Microsoft Outlook 2003. ¿ Support for autoresponders in Microsoft Outlook 2003. ¿ Native English Word Processor. ¿ Support for MS Word 2007. ¿ Support for MS Word 2003. ¿ Support for MS Excel 2007. ¿ Support for MS Excel 2003. ¿ Support for MS PowerPoint 2007. ¿ Support for MS PowerPoint 2003. ¿ Support for MS Access 2007. ¿ Support for MS Access 2003. ¿ Support for MS Works 2007. ¿ Support for MS Works 2003. ¿ Support for MS Windows Media Player 2007. ¿ Support for MS Windows Media Player 2003. ¿ Supports a lot of other features included in the Internet web browser Mozilla Firefox. ■ A lot of bugs fixed ■ A redesigned interface was tested to be a lot faster, easier to use and allows you to save or send your e-mails based on a preset or on a periodic basis ■ A lot of bugs fixed. ■ A lot of bugs fixed by the help of the customer.

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Bulk Email Sender is a software that enables users to send newsletters to a large number of emails with a single click. It works like a mail marketing tool or mass emailing tool. This software is reliable, powerful, efficient and convenient tool to send bulk emails. When you want to send bulk emails to contacts, you can use the software. Bulk Email Sender is email marketing software that can send email without need to login again. In Bulk Email Sender you can send bulk emails to various email addresses within a short time. To see related options for Bulk Email Sender. Bulk Email Sender is a powerful and reliable email marketing software that can send bulk emails in a short time. Bulk Email Sender has an easy interface. Bulk Email Sender uses the power of Microsoft Windows. It runs on the Windows operating system. All users can use it easily. It is the most popular and worldwide used software for Email Sender. Users from every country can use it. It is the best email marketing software and Software for Mass E-mail Sender. Looking for a fast and easy to use software that can send mass emails to your customers and also help to tracking them? You are in right place. If you are looking to send bulk emails to contacts, to increase the sales and sales, business and other marketing activities, this software can help you to send mass emails. This software can send bulk emails to multiple mailboxes at once. Send bulk emails to multiple contacts at once. Most people do not have time to send emails to all contacts. So this software can save you time and easy to use. This is a reliable and powerful emailing software, which helps you to send bulk emails to multiple mailboxes at once. The cool thing about this software is that it works like a mass e-mailer software. The software is easy to understand. You can use Bulk Email Sender as a mass e-mailing software. This software is very easy to use, even the novice people can use this tool easily. There are many options for this tool and if you need a particular option that is not mentioned here you can go to this program’s page and you can find your need. All of the powerful features are mentioned in our page. The important features of this software: – Send Bulk Email without login again. – Send mass email to multiple emailboxes. – Send bulk email to thousands of contacts at once. – Send bulk email by using b7e8fdf5c8

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This powerful Bulk Email Sender tool can send Bulk Email to different email address (such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, etc. ), you can send many email at same time, you can set your SMTP-Server Email address, your mail account log in and password etc. And you can set time delay between each email. You can add all the email message to Bulk Email Sender and adjust the email content, finally you can check the email content. Bulk Email Sender is very easy to use, you just need to enter a email, username, password and a single Time Delay, then click the Send Button. After you click Send Button, the program will send your email. Bulk Email Sender is the first ever Bulk Email Sender with support for email account login and password authentication. Supported To: You can choose different email account such as yahoo, gmail, hotmail, aol, ymail, msn, mail, etc., To support many email account. Content Before Sending: You can edit the Email message before send it. You can set the password, set the subject, set mail address, set email body(Optional), and you can decide the interval between each email content. Features: 1. Very easy to use 2. You can set your email account login and password 3. You can set your email address to send each email 4. You can adjust the Time Delay between each email content 5. You can add all emails to this program 6. Set your email account login and password 7. Set the email message subject 8. You can add your email address to this program 9. You can adjust the time delay between each email 10. You can add your message content and set the body of email message 11. You can choose which email account you want to send this bulk email 12. Set the password and set the email address to send this bulk email How to use Bulk Email Sender 1. First of all, you can choose the email account you want to use. 2. Then, you can enter username, password and time delay. 3. Check the email account is activated or not, if there is any error you can click the reset button. 4. Choose the file you want to send from Bulk Email Sender and click the “Send” button to start sending email. 5. Bulk Email Sender will send email one

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Bulk Email Sender is an advanced Bulk Email Software.With this software,You can mass email your customers,online friends,Family and any business related friends.It is a very easy to use and good looking.You can send emails in groups of 100,1000 or any number you want.This bulk email software does not require any CRM or external database and it is very fast and easy to use.It is the most high-speed,powerful and most powerful bulk email software.You can use it to send bulk email for whatever reason you want.It is a bulk email sender software which can have good communication with the Mail server. Limitations: • No video message can be sent • No video files can be added • No audio files can be added • No time management • No file attachments Requirements: • POP3 Server • Anti-virus software How to send bulk email by this bulk email sender? You can use this Bulk email sender to send bulk email from your computer.You can use this Bulk email sender to send bulk email to your customers,your friends,Family or any business related friends.You can send bulk emails to your customers,your friends,Family or any business related friends.Bulk email sender software is ideal to send bulk email,without opening a mail client. Bulk email sender software is very fast and simple to use,in fact,it is the simplest bulk email sender software.You can send email by your mail server, you can add the recipient list in the web interface.You can send email without the requirement of any database or CRM. POP3 Server: This bulk email sender software uses the POP3 server to send email.POP3 is a protocol that is part of SMTP.It is a very fast protocol.Bulk email sender software does not require to be installed on the server.You can use the mail server installed on your computer. The Good Features of this bulk email sender software: 1. It can send email in groups of 100,1000 or any number you want. 2. It can send emails in a much faster speed than other bulk email senders. 3. You can send email without the requirement of any database or CRM. 4. It has a powerful email log,which can send emails with the Email ID and subject details. 5. It is very fast and easy to use. 6. It has a very easy to use interface and

System Requirements:

Minimum: OS: Windows XP Processor: 1GHz or faster Memory: 1024 MB DirectX: 8.0 Hard Drive: 10 MB free hard drive space Graphics: 512 MB DirectX 9.0 or OpenGL 2.0 compatible graphics card with Shader Model 3.0 (Shader Model 4.0 is not supported) Sound Card: Not required Additional Notes: The application must be run from a Windows folder on your PC hard drive. This is not a standalone exe Mac: