VoIP Enterprise SDK application will enable VoIP connections to be made in different ways according to developer and operational requirements. This provides the options of using the conaito VoIP Server SDK either for maintaining user connections or, in addition, as a voice-proxy-engine. When used to maintain user connections the server keeps a list of the respective user registrations and their availability status (online, absent). In this way it is possible to maintain and coordinate all of the VoIP and/or text messaging connections between all current users. At the time of user registration, when they log on to the VoIP service, this information can be saved and maintained on the server. At the same time, there is the option to send other information to server and this can be specified by the developer. The server can manage data routing between participants and this includes voice messages and text messages. Our conaito VoIP Enterprise SDK (Software Development Kit) is an ultimate developer tool for implementing VoIP – (P2P telephony and conferences via The Internet protocol) and messaging applications (text-based chat) which can also be integrated into websites. With the SDK it is possible to achieve worldwide voice and text communications over the Internet or internal networks. The conaito VoIP Enterprise SDK provides everything necessary to develop both server and client applications. The common problem of achieving a connection between two participants, who are behind a NAT (router), no longer exists with conaito because of the integrated conaito “Hole Punching” technology. This SDK supports anything from a simple one-to-one simple voice messenger to a complex multi-participant online community. Here are some key features of “VoIP Enterprise SDK”: ■ VAD (Voice Activity Detection) � when enabled this feature begins to send voice data only when people speak. The sensitivity can be adjusted and silence duration can be set using a timeout since the last detected voice activity on the microphone. ■ Cryptography (BLOW FISH) – components send and receive encrypted voice and text data over the Internet. Conaito VoIP components encrypt outbound data and decrypt received data. When enabled, this provides very secure conferencing links. ■ Voice Recording – is another very important feature which comes with conaito VoIP components. This enables the recording of conversations during sessions (conversations or multi-participant conferencing). Use is made of wave (.wav) files which can then be stored and played back later. ■ New server methods include Block/Unblock/Kick off Clients as well as set Client connection number limits ■ Dynamic MFC LIB added in Server and Client SDK ■ Dynamic MFC LIB (Microsoft Foundation Class Libraries) have been added to the erver and Client SDK ■ A new conaito VoIP Web-based example demonstration is included ■ Full Duplex, with ability to select P2P (Peer-to-Peer)/ or via Server (Proxy) VoIP (voice stream is either sent directly or via server (via Proxy)) ■ multi-participant conferences ■ NAT – (Router) & Firewall friendly because of conaito “Hole Punching” technology ■ Extended text messages, including “whispering” function for chat applications ■ Microphone & Speaker volume control with Mic-Boost-Activation (microphone amplification) ■ User status control (participant available, not available, busy) ■ Register function at the server (including use of optional additional data on a selective basis) ■ Listing of participants, servers and clients (including optional data on selective basis) ■ Server messaging, like sending text messages to user ■ Bound Data Control (Data flow control) ■ Build-In Auto Voice Lag Controller ■ 2 SDK versions (Server SDK and Client SDK) are available ■ Works with all kinds of Internet connections ■ Microsoft Authenticode Certificate ■ Royalty free licensing ■ No Yearly/Monthly fee ■ Very easy to incorporate

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Conaito Enterprise VoIP SDK Conaito Enterprise VoIP SDK The conaito Enterprise VoIP SDK can be broken down into two main parts: a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) SDK and an MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class) SDK. The VoIP SDK provides the following components: ■ Voice client applications which can be run independently of the MFC SDK ■ Voice client developers provide code to allow for easy deployment of voice/text messaging ■ Option for initiating and maintaining VoIP connections between participants. The MFC SDK provides the following components: ■ Build native MFC-based applications using the MFC libraries ■ The MFC libraries provide MFC object model and MFC services ■ MFC libraries allow for easy integration of the conaito VoIP client libraries into MFC applications ■ Application will be able to run without Microsoft Visual Studio.NET ■ Used for providing developers with a well-structured set of MFC classes and API sets ■ The MFC library also provides the ability to run MFC applications without Visual Studio.NET ■ Allows for the simplification of development and testing ■ Provides a rich and stable environment for software development and testing ■ Simplification and the use of well-known tools for the development of ■ It will help you prepare applications which are compatible with Microsoft ■ With well-known tools for the development of ■ With well-known tools for the development of ■ This is the most important aspect of the MFC Libraries since it can ■ It can help you reduce the chance of missing errors ■ This is the most important aspect of the MFC Libraries since it can ■ It is more convenient to use the MFC Libraries when developing application ■ This is the most important aspect of the MFC Libraries since it can ■ Save you time and money during application design and development ■ Save you time and money during application design and development ■ This is the most important aspect of the MFC Libraries since it can ■ It is available as a free download for all customers ■ This is the most important aspect of the MFC Libraries since it can ■ P2P is a ■ P2P is a real-time connection �

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The Conaito VoIP SDK Enterprise Version is compatible with all Microsoft.NET Microsoft platforms including both 32bit Windows OS and 64bit Windows OS. It includes (client and server) with free SDK, a comprehensive library, a Visual FoxPro MDI client demonstration, a Visual FoxPro C++ client program and an online text/voice demo server application. Features: ■ ConaITO for.NET SDK ■ Support for MSMQ messaging server ■ Built-in Bloc / Unblock / Kick off of Clients ■ Selective voice sessions on server ■ DYNAMIC MFC LIB (Microsoft Foundation Class Libraries) added to the SDK ■ Extended Text Messaging (including “whispering”) ■ 24bit/96kHz Sampling (microphone) ■ Optional proxy voice session (Proxy) for the client-server session ■ Supports the different Microsoft.NET platforms (Win32,Win64) ■ Static Register Function at Server ■ Listing of Participants and Servers ■ Server Messaging ■ IPsec – compatibility with Microsoft Window OS ■ Certification – Microsoft Authenticode ■ Very easy to incorporate Conaito VoIP SDK Enterprise version has been tested and proven on following operating systems: Windows2000 Professional (32bit & 64bit) Windows2000 Datacenter (32bit & 64bit) Windows2000 Professional SP2 (32bit & 64bit) Windows2000 Datacenter SP2 (32bit & 64bit) WindowsXP Professional SP2 (32bit & 64bit) Here is the list of System Requirements for the Software Development Kit of Conaito VoIP Enterprise version: ■ Minimum – Windows 2000/XP (both 32bit and 64bit) with.NET Framework 1.1+ (Microsoft) included ■ Microsoft Authenticode installed ■ Microsoft Visual FoxPro 7.0 ■ Microsoft Visual FoxPro MDI/CDialog/CMDIHost applications ■ Internet Explorer 5.01+ ■ Microsoft.NET framework 1.1+ ■ Visual FoxPro MDI/CDialog/CMDIHost base application ■ Microsoft Visual FoxPro 7.0 with SDK installed ■ Microsoft Visual FoxPro C++ application � b7e8fdf5c8

VoIP Enterprise SDK (April-2022)

The conaito VoIP Enterprise SDK application (built using the conaito VoIP Enterprise SDK application framework) enables all sorts of voice and text message applications to be implemented. These applications can be various web-based business directories, referral systems, business partnerships, customer support, news information systems and a lot more. The VoIP Enterprise SDK application is actually consists of two applications: ■ Server – stores the participant list (including status), detects voice-activities and routes voice and/or text data to the appropriate participant. ■ Client – handles the incoming voice and text data and sends it to the respective participants (via the VoIP Gateway) The conaito VoIP Enterprise SDK application includes 3 Server SDKs (Windows, Linux, Macintosh) and a Client SDK (Windows). The Server SDKs are used for connection management (connection control & routing of user data). The Client SDKs are used for receiving user data. The Server SDKs and the Client SDKs are installed directly onto a PC and are run independently of the VoIP Enterprise SDK application framework. All developers using the VoIP Enterprise SDK application framework must have the SDK installed on their computer (Client SDKs) and the corresponding Server SDK (Client SDKs). ■ All Server SDKs use the same VoIP Enterprise SDK configuration files. ■ The configuration files are stored locally on the server and contain the following information: ■ Server Settings – SSL/TLS certificate file ■ User Settings – user status registration file (keeps up-to-date registration information of each user) ■ Server Voice Activity Detection Settings – sensitivity (of VoIP Enterprise SDK voice activity detector) ■ Server Authentication Settings – Authentication method (certificate or username/password) ■ Client Settings – network settings (IP, TCP/IP), connection number (user limit, server limit), connection timeout ■ Client Voice Activity Detection Settings – sensitivity (of VoIP Enterprise SDK voice activity detector) ■ Client Authentication Settings – Authentication method (certificate or username/password) These settings can be specified by the developer of the VoIP application. SDKs can be dynamically updated and extended using the service provider or the client. To use the VoIP Enterprise SDK application, you have to perform the following steps: ■ install the conaito VoIP Enterprise SDK application on your development PC ■ install the VoIP Enterprise

What’s New In?

■ Support both server and client SDK ■ Support Windows XP/Vista/7 ■ Support 32-bit/64-bit (both x86/x64) ■ Build the SDK using Visual Studio ■ No need for additional tools ■ SDK includes.exe, libraries and sample files ■ SDK supports both source and automatic TFM generation (single SDK version) ■ SDK supports local or remote installation ■ SDK supports both Win/Lin ■ SDK includes demo systems for server and client applications ■ SDK supports SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) ■ SDK supports both UDP and TCP connections ■ SDK supports both SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and NETMSG (Network Management Service) ■ SDK supports both SIP and H.323 (and all H.323 codecs) ■ SDK supports both 3GPP and IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) ■ SDK supports both TACACS+ (insecure, default) and RADIUS ■ SDK supports both SDP (Session Description Protocol) and H.323 (H.323 endpoints are created as SDP endpoints) ■ SDK supports both OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) and IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) ■ SDK supports both G729 and G.722 (GSM voice codecs) ■ SDK supports both PJSIP (Proxy to SIP) and SIP ■ SDK supports both auto SIP call control and manual SIP call control (unpublished) ■ SDK supports both auto SIP call control and manual SIP call control (unpublished) ■ SDK supports extensions (unpublished) ■ SDK supports multi-media technologies. See the Demo for the Voice and Video aspects ■ Support windows native “dual monitor” / console (e.g. VB6/VBA) ■ Support for WCHAR (Unicode) strings (wide characters) ■ Support for dynamic vs static code generation ■ SDK supports both dial-up and broadband modems ■ Support both IP and non-IP (wired) locations ■ Support for external libraries (unpublished) ■ Support for Data and Server Management

System Requirements For VoIP Enterprise SDK:

Minimum: OS: Windows XP SP3 (32bit or 64bit) or Windows Vista SP1 (32bit or 64bit) Windows XP SP3 (32bit or 64bit) or Windows Vista SP1 (32bit or 64bit) CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz Memory: 1 GB RAM 1 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8600 GS / ATI Radeon HD2900 XT or better Nvidia GeForce 8600 GS / ATI Radeon HD2900 XT or better DirectX