Beautiful Zulu Blanket Doll


Zulu Blanket Doll

African handcrafted Bride Ndebele dolls, crafted in South Africa by Ndebele woman. The bride doll is set with an African Ndebele colorful blanket and gold rings around her neck and a wedding veil to cover her face.

The Doll represents what a Ndebele woman would look like on her wedding day. Her face is covered by a beaded veil. Her skirt has five panels that symbolize the five heads of cattle her family will receive as a bride price.

Dolls would be given to a young bride on her wedding day usually made by her immediate family, in hopes of promoting a large and healthy family.

The back of the Ndebele bride doll as seen in the picture has a long beaded band that hangs from the blanket. These Ndebele dolls have become collector items and we have a large stock of them available in different sizes and shapes.

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Zulu Blanket Doll

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